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CollectNet - Collections Software

One of CMI's main focuses is client retention. As a result of our extensive market research, CMI has placed real-time interaction as a top priority. We have listened to your requests for the following:

  • Real-time interaction with collectors and management
  • Access to your debtor information
  • Specific reports regarding payments, and statistics
  • Easy access from most computers with no special software to be purchased
  • An easy to use, point-and-click interface

In an effort to satisfy this need, CMI implemented CollectNet in 1999 making us one of the first collection agencies to offer a web based, real-time client interaction system. Through this system, CMI's clients can do the following:

  • Access every debtor they have placed within the previous 4 years
  • View all comments made on an account by CMI, and record information or instructions regarding payments sent to your company, and requests for a manager or VP to review the account.
  • View payments that have been made by your debtors.
  • View financial information in a graphical format.
  • View statistics about CMI's performance.
  • View reports on daily payments, monthly payments, and collection performance.

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