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Direct Collections

CMI has created a comprehensive system for working your problem commercial accounts.Our professional collection staff contacts your debtors using a computerized collection system that forces all of the accounts to be worked by a pre-programmed strategy developed by management. The collectors cannot pick and choose which accounts to call, but rather they are force-fed the accounts on a daily basis. CMI's goal is to have their collectors speak with the check signer a minimum of twice a week. This amounts to four calls by CMI for every one made by other agencies or attorneys. CMI's collection procedure is designed to produce the maximum flow of dollars from the debtor to you. Your bottom line is our primary concern.

Credit Bureau Reporting: CMI is one of the few agencies that are participating members of the Experian Credit Bureau. Unless otherwise specified, all debtors who have not resolved their bill within 30 days from the placement date are reported to Experian. This report will remain on their credit file for up to 7 years and may impact the future credit worthiness of the debtor company. All payments or status changes are updated on a regular basis. Our clients enjoy the additional funds recovered for them because of credit reporting, while other agencies or attorneys who may also be contacting the same debtor don't get paid.

Bill Resolution Site: CMI has developed the Bill Resolution Site to provide our accounts with a secure environment in which to resolve their debt. Payments and communication with our office can be handled quickly and efficiently. On our secure site debtors can pay their bill, schedule a future payment, check their balance, record a promise to pay, or request paperwork. They can also make a payment arrangement on the bill, update their contact information or send a message to CMI.

Debtors have the option to pay their bill by debit from a checking account or charging a major credit card. It is as easy as the click of a button to resolve your account online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! At CMI we help you get your bills paid.

Credit Card Payments: Another innovative collection technique which CMI provides is the ability to accept major credit cards as a method of payment. CMI has found the additional flexibility cards offer to be worthwhile. Debtors can make the payments they want and, at the same time, clients receive the full balance in their bank account without risk of non-sufficient fund checks. Credit cards provide a distinct advantage for CMI's clientele.

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