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Letter Series

CMI’s letter service consists of a series of four letters mailed every two weeks to the assigned debtor. The standard letter series starts with a reminder, then proceeds through request, appeal, and finally demand type notices. All letters instruct the debtor to mail his check to the client. No agency contingent fee is involved beyond the upfront cost of sending the letters. The advantage of this type of service is that costs can be predicted and therefore budgeted into the planning.  Additionally, regular collection effort is contracted in advance so personnel shortages or computer downtime or space limitations have no effect on the company’s bottom line.

CMI offers the only letter series that has the ability to customize its letters for the client. We are not speaking of a choice of a number of letters, but rather the client can actually write letters that relate to their own particular industry. They can experiment with different letters until the maximum recovery is achieved.

The letter series is competitively priced and can be purchased for exactly the number needed in excess of twenty-five accounts. Below is the unit cost per account:

  Number of Accounts Ordered Cost Per Account
  25 to 100 $12.00 Each
  101 to 500 $11.00 Each
  500 Plus $10.00 Each

If the account has not paid with the letter series, CMI will automatically roll over each debtor into our direct collect process. Standard contingency rates plus 10% apply once the accounts are rolled over, unless otherwise negotiated through written contract.

Because of the complexity of each project please speak with one of our sales representatives to find out more about our Letter Series Service at 800-456-3328.

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