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We know that knowledge is power, and the faster you can gather that power the better. This is why CMI has moved towards a paperless reporting system. We have the ability to send you reports via email, to better assist your collection department. These reports include Status Reports, Daily Payment Reports, Monthly Payment Reports, Stair Step Reports, Collection Performance Reports and Customized Reports.

Status Reports: You have the ability to set up a monthly schedule with your service representative to receive a status report on either all of your active accounts, or all accounts since becoming a client. These status reports are sent in Microsoft Excel format and include the following information:

  • CMI's reference number for the debtor
  • The name of the debtor
  • The original balance of the debt
  • The total amount paid to date
  • Current balance owed
  • The date originally placed at CMI
  • The date of the last payment
  • The current status of the account
  • Your reference number for the debtor (if given to CMI)
  • Your client number with CMI
  • Your Company Name

Daily Payment Report:
Clients now have the option to view their daily payment reports in real-time over the internet. CollectNet's real-time daily payment report allows you to see:

  • CMI's reference number for the debtor
  • The debtor's account number
  • The date of the payment
  • The debtor's name
  • Your reference number for the debtor if provided
  • The city, state, and the phone number for that debtor
  • The payment type
  • Payment amount
  • Amount retained
  • Fees
  • Amount you should receive on your invoice
  • Summary information about the types of payments you have received
  • Month to date number of transactions and dollar amounts
  • Year to date number of transactions and dollar amounts for the current year
  • To date number of transactions and dollar amounts since you have been a client

Monthly Payment Report: The monthly payment report gives you the same information listed for the daily payment reports, but in a monthly listing.

Stair-Step Report: This report is perhaps the most powerful tool offered through CollectNet. This report summarizes the amount placed in a month, and a monthly breakdown of when the money is collected. It also gives you a percentage figure. This will very quickly give you an average timeline of CMI's collections.

Client Performance Report: The client performance report allows you the client to see summary information regarding the collection of your bills. The report contains the following information about your accounts for the 2 previous years, twelve month rolling, and the current year to date:

  • Number and dollar amount placed
  • Number and dollar amount cancelled
  • Net number and dollar amount placed
  • Average dollar balance of accounts
  • Any interest, or adjustments on the accounts
  • Monthly and to date dollar amount collected
  • The liquidity percentage
  • The number and dollar amount returned
  • The number and dollar amount still active or being worked

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