Testimonials & References


"I also want to Thank you for the terrific service CMI continues to provide to us. We have a great relationship and the results your get for us are very good. I makes life easier to have a trusted business partner."

 Wholesale Supply Industry

"I would highly recommend using Credit Mediators, Inc. for assistance in collecting past due accounts and old debt. We recently turned over two accounts to CMI. Both of these accounts were actively pursued which resulted in full payment by each. One account paid up rather quickly, while the other account took considerably longer. However, with that said, we were surprised to obtain any payment at all, let alone the full amount which came in one lump sum from the debtor.

Our contact at CMI kept in contact on a regular basis to report back about the status of payments and I felt like they cared about the debts owed to us. They are easy to work with, personable people, yet respected my time and did not bother me with all the minor details. I definitely intend to use them in the future should the unfortunate need arise. "


"You are a rock star! Normally I have to do the calling and letters and break down....so you are freeing my time up tremendously... plus CMI we all agreed is the most ON POINT company we have ever used. From your customer service to collection services provided.

I want you to know Paul had nothing but amazing things to say about you and how good you are. I am telling you that is hard to do! As his sister, its hard to please Paul to the point where he gloats. Great job! He trusts you and thinks you are brilliant.



"I loved the holiday cards and videos. It is so special that, as a group, CMI gets together and does this for us. It was wonderful.

You tell your boss that you deserve a raise. You are a wonderful asset to CMI. You have helped me so much to collect the money that people don’t want to pay. You have been a great friend to talk to and I wish you and your family the very best for the new year and I hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas.

Thank you"


"Perhaps I should take time to do this more often both in my personal and professional life, so today I seized the moment.

I wanted to recognize your staff member Ms. Steele for not only the quality of her service, but for the character and humanity of her person. She is a joy to be associated with. I know I can call Sharleen a friend and I am sure she would say the same. Whether we speak of collections or tangent to current events, she always makes me smile!

Wishing you, your staff and families a healthy and happy holiday season.

Merry Christmas!"


"Hi Will - I have no other outstanding debt at this time. After this experience with you and your firm you can be sure that I will contact you for resolution.

Many, many thanks!"

 MFG Industry